Human beings are creatures of habit. It’s easy to get comfortable with a routine and just go with it. If people check-in with their goals, it’s usually around the holidays, especially the New Year. A key to amazing success is incremental and constant improvement. In order to improve, we must be constantly checking in with our goals and avoid complacency. Some goals need daily check-ins. Some goals need weekly, monthly or quarterly check-ins. Here is a list of actions that we need in order to properly check into our goals. One big caveat, we don’t want to overly check-in with our goals. We want to avoid chasing the shiny new object. Most goals need patience and time to become reality.

1. Engagement. As stated above, it is easy to become complacent with our goals. We must be engaged and remind ourselves why our goals are so important to us. We have to ask ourselves why it is so important to achieve our goals. Remind yourself of this when you are feeling lazy or complacent.

2. Process. Every goal has a systematic approach. That approach has steps that you need to go through to be productive. How well you produce each step determines the likelihood that you will achieve your goals. Ask yourself if your process is efficient or if you can improve.

3. Habits and Routines. The better habits and routines you have, the more likely you are to achieve a goal. Work on improving the habits and routines that will get you to your goals.

4. Understand Your Limitations or Weakness. Limitations should not be ignored. They need to be engaged. What are the psychological limitations that have gotten in the way of your big dreams? Is it fear? Is it insecurity? Is it your own unwillingness to ask for help? Is it your victim mentality? To understand this, really ask yourself: “What do I tell myself when I am alone in a room?” If it is negative, then work on those limitations and don’t let them turn into roadblocks.

5. Team. Finally, there are people in your life who can help you become amazing. Are you wasting that relationship or are you engaging with them to create amazing success? Are you communicating or are you still waiting for them to read your mind? The biggest part of communication is understanding expectations, roles, and acceptable conduct. Everybody has different styles and expectations.

This is a brief list of areas that you should give yourself time to check-in. Your life will never change unless you change. A powerful place to start is checking in with the list from time to time.

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