Break the Cycle of Underperformance

And see your dream come true.


Say Goodbye to Frustration, Stress, Chaos, and Confusion


Break the Cycle of Underperformance

And see your dream come true.


Say Goodbye to Frustration, Stress, Chaos, and Confusion


Are you:

Frustrated by the cycle of underperformance that you are stuck in — not making the money you deserve, having the impact you want, or living the lifestyle that you dreamt of when starting your business?

Stressed because you work hard, and you work a lot, but nothing ever works out your way? Some days it feels like the world must be against you.

An action-taker who will do what it takes to be successful if shown the right path, but are struggling with the chaos that is keeping you from success?

Determined not to give up on your dream, and yet you’re confused and you know that something needs to change, and fast? You need some wins. You need results.

It doesn’t have to be this way. 
It can be different. 
You can make a change. 


Your challenges probably seem insurmountable, but you can learn to deal with them if you develop a strong mindset.  I’m here to teach you how. 

Hi, I’m Sourena.  I have cerebral palsy.  

Challenges are just a part of my everyday life.  Developing a strong mindset changed everything for me.  A strong mindset is the foundation of my success.  

You’re probably wondering, what’s it like living with Cerebral Palsy? What can I say, it sucks. Were you expecting another answer? 

But really, I’m just a regular person who loves life and loves business… just like you.  

I have a wife and kids, I love the Dodgers and the Lakers, and I like taking trips to Vegas with the guys. Sure, I need help doing some of those things, well, all of those things, but I don’t let my disability define my life. 

Life doesn’t happen to me. 

I choose how I experience life, and how I build a business that supports my life, and so can you. 

Keys to Amazing Mindset

A 5-Step Program made to strengthen your mindset and empower you to break the cycle of underperformance that you’re stuck in so you can see your dreams come true.

Get started today before this once in a lifetime opportunity expires.

As you develop your mindset, you will learn how to: 

  • Rewrite your narrative so you can put an end to the negative self-talk that’s keeping you stuck. 
  • Improve your habits so your small daily actions actually lead you to your goals. 
  • Deal with challenges so you're not anchored and held back by them. 
  • Interact with people so you can create relationships for success. 
  • Be clear on what you want and how you get there so you stop wasting time and start living the life you want.

Don’t let a poor mindset stand between you and your amazing dreams.

Trusted by

“I’ve always know Sourena to be a man of strength and inspiration… he demonstrates a roadmap to maximising the best life has to offer by making clear the relationship between vision and work ethic. Once again, Sourena has helped me strive to be my best.”

- Pete Carroll
Super Bowl Winning coach of the Seattle Seahawks

Break the cycle of underperformance now

and see your dreams come true.


About Sourena

I am the writer who can’t write and the speaker who can’t speak with one simple mission. I empower people, specifically entrepreneurs, but anyone really, to take control of their lives and find the freedom and joy of living life on their own terms. I help you seize the power of your mindset so it becomes possible to create a life that is both successful and satisfying.