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3 Common Phrases That Can Slow Your Progress

During this Halloween season of the year, 2022 don’t be fooled by common motivational nonsensical hype.  Here are three common foolish ideas:

  1.  Live without limits.  Limits are just a fact of life. Limitations are everywhere — on the freeway and at the airport.  You can’t go without food or water for five days.  Limits are all around us.  You can have big dreams and high expectations, but understand that there are limits in life.
  2. Always be independent.  We all rely on each other and the most successful people know how to build a team and leverage others’ expertise.  This is a direct contradiction to the idea that we must do everything on our own.  Here’s the thing— if you want to go far in life engage others in your journey.
  3. Opportunities have disappeared.  Opportunities are all around us.  We just have to be able to recognize and seize the chances that present themselves.  Sometimes we are given the opportunity to be inspired and learn.  This may seem unnecessary, but these types of opportunities prepare us for the future.  There are always opportunities to build an amazing life.

These three common motivational phrases can actually slow your journey to success.  But, them aside and you will have a new vision about how to reach your goals.


Stay safe and Happy Halloween!

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