4 Ways to Have More Consistent Business Practices

Uncategorized Jun 12, 2020


Adversity is a great teacher, and when adversity happens, it often shines a light on underlying problems. Similarly, success, can always mask or dampen underlying issues.

This year has been one of the most challenging years we have ever had. First, there was the pandemic. Then there was the death of George Floyd. What exacerbates both challenges are underlying societal, economic, and political issues. The events over this last year are signs that we have underlying issues that we need to improve. However, beyond the obvious issues, there are many more factors that lead to challenges that we face. Although this country is incredible, we can do better.

Let’s talk about you.

 You are a highly ambitious person who wants a better life. You work hard for your family and for yourself.  When challenges are faced, you deal with them.

 One way to live out an amazing life is to practice the habit of consistent improvement. Instead of shining a light on your issues when something goes wrong, practice small incremental improvements across your whole life. This includes your professional life, your relationships, your health, your money, your habits, or anything else that will affect your life.


  1. Be engaged. You should be engaged in all the areas of your life. Don’t wait for challenges to arise. Be engaged in all the aspects of your life and don’t ignore or put off pockets of your life. Don’t ignore your marriage just because you are busy at work.  Don’t ignore time with your friends just because you have family obligations. Every part of your life is important and they all bleed into each other.
  2. You’re never done. There are always some improvements otherwise there would be no new phones. One mistake that I see many entrepreneurs make is that they reach a certain point where they met a goal or even exceed a goal. However, with some tweaks, they can go even further. It might be building a bigger team or even moving around a couple of things.
  3. Be aspirational. Part of the greatness of the United States is that we are aspirational. Part of an amazing life is to have goals and dreams, but as we approach some of our goals and dreams, we need to have new aspirations.
  4. Deal with challenges as they come up. When times are good, they mask challenges. Good times make challenges more tolerable. They ebb and flow between good and bad.  It’s a natural part of life and business. When times are good, dealing with challenges is easier because you have more resources and you are in a better mindset to deal with them.

A commitment to amazing success means a commitment to always making consistent improvements. This strategy is good for any time of your journey.



 It is important to remain committed to making consistent improvement on the road to amazing success. Doing so will allow you to face challenges in a productive way.


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