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5 Simple Thoughts

Here are 5 simple thoughts I came up with that will make life better, make you more successful and will give you control over your destiny.

1)  I like to believe that life does not come to us, we have to go out there and get it. With that said, I admit that there are times when we do have to let go and let it come to us.

2)  I believe in hard work. What you should do is analyze the situation and see what you need to do to accomplish your feats and allocate your time, resources, and energy accordingly.

3)  I believe that any successful person should just withdraw from the world and think about life–what they want, and how to achieve it. Take an hour a week just to withdraw, turn off the cell phone…and just think.

4)  When times get challenging we become more disciplined. When times are good, it’s in our nature to not be quite so rigid, and this does not benefit us in the long-run.

5)  Take the time today to develop a strategy that will prepare you for when times get better. Don’t just revert to the less cautious habits you had when times were good.

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