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I came home from the gym a couple of Fridays ago, ate some lunch, and went online. I had been excited because my fiancée’s visa was almost approved. I imagined her coming here soon. I went online and read the immigration page, only to learn that she had to have a valid passport for six months before she could even interview, which pushes her arrival until at least August or September.

It made me think about how excited I’ve been to see her. I miss her more now than ever. Since she can’t travel here as soon as I anticipated, I decided to take a trip to the Philippines to visit her and on the way back I’m going to Hawaii.

This is what I’ve always wanted. I feel blessed to be in a committed relationship. I love the little things such as Leslie being the last person I talk to before I fall asleep or getting her early morning text messages telling me to have a nice day.

If that’s not enough, I remind myself about how hard it was to get to this point. I spent over ten years wondering and agonizing over if, when, and how I would find somebody…and here it is.

I have it.

Before Leslie, there was a part of me that would always go to bed with that sense of wonderment, no matter how good my day was. Now, no matter how bad my day is, I go to bed with the satisfaction of knowing someone half way around the world is thinking about me and that is cool. Way cool.

But guess what? It’s only the beginning. I can’t wait to live with her, to marry her, and have a family.

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