Allow Yourself To Be Influenced

relationships Feb 28, 2020

One of the values that people may have is independence or free will. From the time people hit adolescence, many cannot wait to live life on their own terms. College promotes independent thought and free thinking. However, one of the keys to amazing success is to be willing to be influenced by the right people. Since we are part of the human ecosystem, we all are influenced by others. People are influenced by what fashions they wear. They are influenced by how to spend their free time. Some people are influenced by what sports to watch and what teams to follow. We are also influenced by behaviors and what food to eat.

We are also influenced by the people who we interact with the most. Part of living life is being accepted into a social, family, or professional environment. If you want to excel, you need to change the environment that you are in. The environment should have people who compliment or support your goals and you need to support and compliment others goals.

As much as we like to think we are independent, we follow the habits of our friends, celebrities, and other people that have influence over us.

The good news is that we can embrace this as human nature in the pursuit of amazing success. There are people who have achieved exactly what you want in life and being influenced by them has never been easier. As technology explodes and information is easier to access, everybody with an internet connection can be influenced by people who can help them achieve amazing success. The problem is that even though there is a sea of empowering information, there is more bad information, lies, as well as information that promotes division. Engaging in negative messages can feel comforting at times. Engaging in positive messages can feel challenging at times because it is challenging to put thought and energy into making life amazing.

An important part of achieving amazing success is taking the right action and avoiding the less than ideal ones. Oftentimes, being influenced is challenging because being influenced involves having people to challenge you in ways that are really uncomfortable. It takes discipline to not shy away from the influences that can get you on the path to amazing. It’s easier to be influenced by someone who says youre not where you want to be because of your friends, the economy, and your lousy teachers in tenth grade who set you up for failure. It’s really challenging to be influenced by friends or anyone who says you didn’t work hard enough. You screwed up here, here, and here.

The way to be influenced by amazing people is to seek out the voices that can help you become amazing. This can be someone in your life or someone who you listen to at a conference, on a podcast, or in a book. Give people permission to give you constructive criticism. When they do, don’t become defensive, and thank them for the assistance.  Most importantly, make sure that you hear them and implement what they have to say.

There are so many ways to be influenced by others. We are mostly influenced by the people who we spend the most time with. We are influenced by our friends, our family, the people who we work with, and those who we observe from afar. One way to achieve success is to seek out coaches, trainers, and mentors to be influenced by them. There are people who have achieved whatever you want out of life. Let them influence your thoughts and actions.



Is important to allow yourself to be influenced by those around you. The people you should focus on are those who have achieve the success that you want out of life.


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