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Are You Willing To Get Uncomfortable?

Part of amazing success is performing the activities that are required at a high level.  When you perform these activities, they feel uncomfortable. We all have a tolerance for discomfort. Part of being amazing is increasing the tolerance for discomfort.

There is a difference between complaining about your work environment and actually looking for a new job. There is a difference between putting up with unpleasant people and changing the dynamic of the relationship. The former might be complaining to someone else. While the latter may be confronting them. Although the former may seem uncomfortable or annoying, the latter requires being really uncomfortable.

There are activities that we say are uncomfortable, but, in reality, there is some comfort in them. There is some comfort in complaining about our situation. There is some comfort in being passive aggressive. There is a comfort and ease in doing the same thing over and over. After all, we are creatures of habit. There is some familiarity with doing the uncomfortable routines.

 There is a difference between being passive aggressive and being straight forward.  Although being passive aggressive does not feel great, it definitely feels better than being confrontational.

 When you are thinking about what you want for your life and your goals, you may be uncomfortable where you are; however, once you decide that you want a better relationship, a new job, or want to pursue any kind of dream, then you are not only inviting new possibilities of life. You are also inviting new challenges and new problems. In addition, you have to deal with your existing challenges. If you want to take on a new project, you still have to deal with your insecurities or attend to your obligations.

 When we want something new in our lives, our situations do not become easier. In the short run, the challenges intensify. Here is the good news. In the long run, our lives become amazing. If you decide to pursue a better job, it will be uncomfortable for a while. You have to look for a new job. You have to quit your old job. You have to transition into your new job. Eventually, you will settle in and your life will become easier. If you want to change the dynamic in a relationship, it will be challenging to confront the other person, tell them what you need. However, the dynamic will improve.

 The bigger your goals, the more uncomfortable your transition to a better life will be.  Many people assume that once they decide to change, then the work is over. Deciding to change is only the first step. The point of change is to improve our lives. However, to improve our lives involves inviting discomfort, new challenges, and intensifying existing challenges.




In order to achieve amazing success, you have to be uncomfortable. When working to attain your dreams, it is important to embrace the times where you have to sacrifice your comfort. Without these moments, you will not be truly on the road to amazing success.

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