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I have been extremely busy trying to get my book out. There’s a lot of nitty-gritty activities associated with getting a book out that have consumed my attention. Often times when we have a big project or something goes wrong in our lives that requires extra attention, other parts of our lives suffer. In the past, when I had a big project, I would neglect other activities that I may have thought were not that important at the time. It turns out, every activity in my office is important and needs a consistent, measured effort if I want results.

If you have a six-year-old child, you don’t decide when they need attention. They need attention all the time, almost every hour. So do your goals and dreams.

Even though I am trying to get the book out, one of my goals is to get on stage and it would be so easy for me to yank phone time away from my manager’s sales activities. July would then come around and I would wonder, “Why don’t we have any bookings?”

I’ve studied success for about a decade now and there is no denying that goals require consistent, measured attention to all activities, not just the ones you like. Another thing that I learned is: you know that thing that you just don’t want to do? Well, that’s the thing that needs to get done! Give it some attention.

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