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How Being Part of a Village Can Help You

We live in a society, and societies have norms and values.  We may each be individuals, but together we make up a larger whole.  This larger group that we are all part of depends upon each and every member.  One trend that bothers me is that we can get stuck in our own echo chamber and in our own challenges.  This can be dangerous because when you do this you have very little room for growth and it can separate you from the greater society.

I feel that I have grown over the last year.  I’m taking on bigger and bigger challenges.  I’m shaping my sons’ lives.  I’ve pushed myself to go engage with people who may not be part of my usual group. I’m getting ready to take my professional life to a new level. Part of that process is getting new ideas and getting out of my echo chamber.  I rely on a team.  I challenge myself with new ideas.  I immerse myself in personal development.  I listen more than I yap.  I’ve grown and I’m growing.

If you want to take your life to the next level, you must be willing to grow and be a good citizen in society.

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