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Uncategorized Mar 19, 2021

Last week I wrote about the lessons that this pandemic has taught us, and how to apply those lessons to your goals.  This week, I would like to explore how to deal with a big goal and look at how we are going to get rid of one of the biggest goals that everyone wants to achieve— getting rid of a pandemic.

  1. Identify the goal. This is fairly easy when it comes to the pandemic.   Most people agree that we want to get back to normal.  However, many other goals are not so simple.  We have many types of goals, but most goals are based on either fulfilling a need or quenching a desire.  Getting rid of the pandemic satisfies both.  We need to be safe and we want to freely live life. 
  2. Big goals take massive action. Governments of the world set out guidelines and laws to protect us from the virus.  Also, governments and vaccine manufacturers aggressively worked toward developing the vaccine in record time.  So often when we have goals we don’t take the necessary big actions that are needed in order to achieve our goals.  We can learn from these governments and companies and also employ massive actions to achieve massive goals.
  3. The extraordinary needs the ordinary. Every big goal needs ordinary steps and dealing with the coronavirus is no different.  Using a mask, washing hands, popping vitamins, and practicing our new favorite thing— social distancing.  These were small, ordinary steps that when done over and over again have helped tamper the spread of the virus.  So often, when people want to achieve their goals they only focus on their biggest goals.  However, when you want to achieve a goal, there needs to be a focus on the small ordinary tasks that when repeated result in reaching the big goal.
  4. Do your part. So often we want our lives to change without changing anything about our lives.  This simply does not work.  Getting back to life as normal after the coronavirus has been a global effort.  Many countries have had to make unprecedented changes.  The reason for this is simple.  If we want change, we have to make changes.  We can’t always wish away our problems or engage in conspiracies or blame other countries for not doing their part.  If we want our lives to improve we have to improve the way we live.
  5. We are part of a society. Depending on where you are in the world, determines the way you interpret this time.  Your friends, family, community have a great impact on your narrative and your mindset.  Today, we are living in one big global community and our lives are more interconnected than ever.  One way that we are getting through this pandemic is sharing ideas about getting through this time with ease and grace.  When you go after your own personal goals determine who you can learn from, who you can collaborate with, and who you can serve.  We are in each other’s lives to make each other’s lives better.

 These are just some thoughts I wanted to share about the year of quarantine and then apply the lessons to life in general.


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