Checking In with Your Goals

Uncategorized Apr 02, 2021


Just like that, the second quarter of 2021 has landed. Are you still on track to reach your goals?

 April is also the first anniversary of the world turning upside down due to Covid-19. A year after the outbreak, we must all keep in mind that life will soon be back to normal and the post-pandemic world will be brimming with opportunity to prosper. To make the most of this emerging bounty – and not be an April Fool – you must take control of your goals today.

 Here are five steps to stay clear-eyed about your progress: 

  1. Clarify your goals. The pandemic made it too easy to just let life happen instead of taking control with a clear goal. Try to honestly answer what success looks like for you;
  2. Fortify your habits. What habits need improving? What new habits do you need? Focus on setting up your physical environment to avoid distractions and help reinforce those good habits;
  3. Stoke your servant heart. Everyone wants to get back to life before the pandemic. But they also want to do unique experiences and activities without the worry of getting sick. Part of success is helping others get what they want too;
  4. Check your narrative. The pandemic has distorted our view of reality, at least a little bit. It’s not healthy to worry about every germ or freak out when someone sneezes. Make sure your narrative allows you to grow and appreciate life;
  5. Foster your gratitude. Hopefully we can soon go out without a mask, hug somebody without hesitation, host a big house party, attend a concert or calmly stand in a crowd. When that day comes, instead of taking these for granted or feeling entitled, remember to appreciate what it was like when you couldn’t do these actions.

 There’s still a long way to go before returning to normal. But right now, is the time to plan for what you’ll do the moment those freedoms come back.


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