Communication lessons from a man who 'can't speak'

blog Mar 10, 2016

A debilitating condition has left Sourena Vasseghi with a severe speech impediment. But that hasn’t stopped him building a successful career as a motivational speaker.

Sourena Vasseghi has cerebral palsy, a condition that means he has limited motor skills, poor coordination and a severe speech impediment. But despite these challenges, Vasseghi has developed a successful career as an author and motivational speaker.

“I am the speaker who can’t speak and the writer who can’t write,” he said.

Shortly after graduating from business school in 2001, Vasseghi realised he had the skills to communicate with people and make a difference in their lives he was inspired to launch "" The Sourena V Group, an executive coaching and business development company.

A key element of the company’s business is the speaking double act that Vasseghi has forged with Chris Stevenson, a gym owner and executive coach. The pair work together, on stage, with Stevenson interpreting the words of his speaking partner for their audience.

Their performance focuses on the life lessons of a man who is capable of doing little by himself, except use his brain.

Vasseghi’s first book, Love Your Life and it Will Love You Back, encapsulates a message that people can be successful despite the most severe physical challenges.

This post was originally posted on the BBC Capital site here.


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