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Discover This One Truth About Changing Your Life

A change is going to come. It’s a lyric from a classic, soulful Sam Cooke song as well as a deeply held belief that many of us have regarding our lives.


We believe that the challenges in our lives will change and maybe even disappear. We believe that life can and will only get better. We deeply hold to the idea that when we reach our most audacious goals the heavens will open, and only good things will rain upon us.


This idea that a change is coming is one that propels us to keep working and to keep trying. It is a statement of our hope for a better future.


But there is something we must understand.


Change doesn’t just befall us.  We must do something for change to occur.


This brings me to one of the philosophies that I often discuss. Before you can change your life, you must change your approach to life. So often, people keep waiting for everything around them to change before they change their approach to life.


They keep waiting for the economy to change. 


They keep waiting for people around them to change.


They keep waiting for the perfect opportunity.


It’s as if they don’t understand that change requires action. So again, if you want to see a change in your life, you must do something different.


If you are just waiting, wait no more and adjust how you go about your life.

Sam Cooke sang that a change is gonna come. Yes, it is. He was right. A change is coming, but first, you must make some changes.

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