Do You Need A Mindset Intervention?

narrative Mar 06, 2020

One limitation that many people have when going after their goals is a mental block or a gap in their mindset. In order to reach success, your mindset has to change and evolve over time.  A realtor who sells entry level condos has to have a different mindset than a realtor who sells multi-million dollar mansions. As a person climbs the corporate ladder, there might be several iterations of mindset. When the person first starts out, they may focus learning the industry and figuring out what it takes to get recognized. As the person climbs, they may have to learn leadership and management skills. In addition, change is happening so quickly. The mindset to succeed is changing rapidly.

A common mistake that many people make is that people want to change their life without changing their mindset. Mindset is simply the way we go after our goals, deal with others, deal with challenges, and other factors. Every kind of change requires a change in approach. A big part of that approach is the way that you think about the goal or simply your mindset.

One way to change your mindset quickly is to get a mindset intervention. A mindset intervention starts with a realization that you need to change your approach. Many people expect that hard work is the answer. However, hard work may be only a small part of the answer. In fact, in order to reach your goals, you may just need to shift your time and energy around rather than working harder.

The main way to change a mindset is to change the people who influenced us. Jim Rohn said that we are the average of the five people that we spend the most time with. Most of the time the people who we interact with are not going to give us an appropriate intervention. Seek people who have accomplished what you want to do and be influenced by their mindset. Whether that’s seeking out a mentor, a coach, or attending a conference. There are YouTube videos, podcasts, online classes, articles, and blogs that can help you in any area of your life. One issue is that people expect their life to change with the same influences. For greater mental blocks, you may even need to engage a psychologist to help you process your mental blocks. Also, a performance coach can show you tools and tactics to become even more amazing. We all have blind spots that an intervention can uncover.  My team uncovers my blind spots constantly.  Many people are insecure and don’t like to be questioned. Every time my blind spot is uncovered, it’s uncomfortable. However, after I work through it, it’s liberating. 

Like any intervention, a mindset intervention is going to make you uncomfortable.

When you take on any challenge or any new goal, you must change your perspective or your mindset. I view mindset as fluid and ever-changing.



It’s important to change your mindset in order to achieve success. If you feel like you’re not making forward progress, a mindset shift is what you need.



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