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Do You Struggle with Motivation?


In tough times, it’s often challenging to find motivation. These days, our way of life is being highjacked by the coronavirus and with political uncertainty. These problems seep into our lives like nothing before. A consequence is that many people have to change what they do professionally and how they go after their goals. When times are tough, motivation and inspiration fall by the wayside. However, motivation and inspiration need to be one of the tools that we use to get through these tough times and excel when things get back to normal.

 Throughout my life, I have struggled with motivation and inspiration. There were periods of my life where all I could see was every single challenge in front of me. Over the years, I learned that if I wanted to achieve success, be happy, and be motivated, I had to look beyond my challenges and create motivation.

 A mistake that I see many people make is the fact that they think that motivation and inspiration is something that they have to find or it’s something that finds them. However, I think that motivation and inspiration is something that you have to find and create. Which brings us back to today. Here are a few ways that you can create motivation and inspiration even in the toughest of times.

 An often under-discussed part of an amazing life is having something to look forward to. We all miss the good old days when we didn’t have to wear masks, when we could shake hands with a stranger, when we could sit shoulder to shoulder in a movie theater, and more. Look forward and be motivated by the fact that one day in the future we will all be able to do these activities again. We have to mourn the fact that we can’t do any of these things right now. One way to be motivated is to acknowledge the fact that this all sucks.


Get motivated about the future

 Here’s what I want you to do and please post this article and your response on Facebook.  Name one thing that you are going to do. For example, I can’t wait to go to Las Vegas.  I can’t wait to go have Guys’ Night Out.  I am looking forward to taking my family on vacation and here’s the caveat: I don’t want to worry.  I want to go to a baseball game and high-five a total stranger. I want to play craps with a packed table.  Those things excite and motivate me. I want to attend an industry event, preferably as a speaker. I want you to get some friends on a Zoom call, a phone call, or a simple text chain and motivate each other for the future.


Everyday Motivation

 Although getting motivated about the future is important, it’s also a good idea to get motivated every day. When this pandemic started, I started going for a wheelchair ride every day. Because I work at home, I need to get out of the house. In the past, I used to look forward to going to a restaurant a couple of times a week. However, I replaced that activity by rolling around the neighborhood. Even though, I slowly started going back to restaurants, I still enjoy and look forward to my rides. I also have a new appreciation for engaging with my two sons, Andrew and Tyler. We have dinner outside and we just talk to each other.

 Lastly, find something that you can get lost in. I often get lost in my writing, in a book, and in sports. As the sports leagues are resuming, I am looking forward to the NBA, MLB, and NFL.  I can’t wait to get lost in the games. This will be an escape.

 Motivation and inspiration are two things that you have to create within you. I wish that I could create a program or write a book on how to be motivated and inspired. However, motivation and inspiration are something within you. My job is not to motivate and inspire you, but rather to show you how to get motivated and inspired.



 It’s normal to struggle with motivation during these times, however it is important to make it a priority as you get back to a new normal.

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