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Embrace Your Challenges and Realize Success

Here’s a fact: Challenges are just unavoidable. They are not unique to you and me. You probably don’t like this fact, but it is still the truth.  And our ability to live the way we want depends upon our ability to accept this truth.


However, some people feel that they’re the only ones who have challenges in their life.  They think they are the only ones who sometimes become overwhelmed by their children.  They believe they are the only ones who have anxiety.  Monday through Friday, they sit on the freeway with a multitude of other commuters. Yet they think they're the only ones sitting in place and dealing with rush hour traffic.  It’s almost as though they believe the perfect life recorded on Instagram is real life.  


In case you subscribe to the Instagram fantasy way of life, let me inform you; it is not real life.  It is fantasy.


There have been periods in my life where my challenges have seemed particularly unique. I thought I was the only one who depended on others, spoke with a speech impediment, and needed help with my chair.  Sometimes I felt I was the only writer who didn’t feel like writing or had trouble figuring out what to write next. I thought I was the sole business owner with marketing troubles or who had difficulties finding the right people to help me.


One way to deal with these feelings is to understand other people’s challenges by talking to them or reading about what they want to do.  If you read a biography, you’ll likely find it filled with stories of great struggle.

You’re In Good Company

Here are a few people who had to deal with a challenge.  


Let’s take Oprah.  She was told she was too emotional to be on television.


Then there’s Richard Branson.  He has a learning difference. 


To round out the list, let’s remind ourselves that Steve Jobs was kicked out of the company he created. Later, he returned and created globally transformative products like the iPhone.


One of my success principles is simply understanding other people's lives.  Professionally, this is part of my process of coming up with frameworks and methodologies. But, equally as necessary and more critical for my sanity, it helps me deal with the emotions of being disabled.  It shows that I’m not alone.  It teaches me not to get stuck in my head.  It reminds me I’m just human.


We all have people in our life who are either stuck in their heads or their challenges. As a result, there’s very little mental bandwidth for them to achieve their goals.


To achieve fantastic success, you must understand that dealing with and enduring challenges isn’t just a fact of life; it also makes you stronger. In addition, it helps you be the best version of yourself. 


Go be amazing.


Go be amazing.

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