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Emotional Endurance

Challenges are just a part of life.

If you really get to know any successful person, their story is filled with ups, downs, and unbelievable obstacles that you cannot imagine.  One of the cornerstones of success is just having the bandwidth to deal with any obstacles in your way.  Just like an athlete needs to have physical endurance, anybody that wants to go after their dreams needs to have emotional endurance.

Whenever I read or learn about somebody’s journey to success, I’m always inspired by their challenges that they had to deal with.  You would think that this would be discouraging.  However, it’s nice to know that everybody goes through challenges.

Develop your own sense of emotional endurance.

There is a difference between getting stuck dealing with day-to-day obligations or challenges and dealing with the challenges that will get you to amazing success.

Rise above everyday challenges and deal with challenges that will have more payoff.

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