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Last week, I wrote about how we made the decision to not let my son Andrew quit soccer after the couple of times he played.

Growing yourself and your business involves empowering people and trusting others in order to free up your time and energy. As you grow, everything becomes more complicated and there is no way for you to focus on everything that needs to be accomplished.

Lately, I have been talking to a lot of entrepreneurs and one consistent theme is the balance between working in the business rather than on the business. Working in the business is working on tasks and working on the business means developing a vision, coming up with new steps and leading your team. One problem is that, in the beginning, what got many entrepreneurs to a level of success is working in the business, hustling and grinding it out. A natural instinct is to keep doing the same thing and it’s challenging to change that mindset.

Relying on others is challenging. Asking for help often feels awkward. Another issue is that when we are growing up our parents tell us to just figure it out. After all, that is part of growing up.

When growing your life and your business, it’s important to build or to plug into a team.

This year, I had to look at who I wanted on my team and how I wanted to empower that team. In the past, I was obsessed about learning every nuance of my business and I was worried if I knew enough or if I would ever know enough. As an avid learner, I read books and watch instructional videos. I’m doing this all the time. At times, I feel overwhelmed by the process.

I have learned how and who I need to empower in order to reach my goals. I have to give up my need to learn everything. However, I don’t want to give up my fervor for learning. In fact, I need to learn enough to have a conversation about what I need. I empower others who know way more than I do to help me accomplish goals.

I believe that there is a handful of people who can help you reach your amazing goals. One of your keys is to empower them and let them help you be amazing.

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