Evolving Mindset

Uncategorized Sep 16, 2021

I have written about mindset for the last few years. Now it is time to take my business and life to the next level. To cut a long story short, I am adding a marketing strategist to my team.

I recognize this amazing challenge will be unlike any I have tackled before. It is exciting, but I can’t help second-guessing if my mindset is ready to take it on and if I can adapt to the new ways of operating that are sure to come from the fresh ideas.

As I wrap my head around the looming changes, I keep running through my Five Keys to an Amazing Mindset. Here’s a few thoughts that popped up over the last few weeks:

  1. Rewrite the narrative. Our personal narrative has many layers – how we see ourselves, what we think success is, our approach to any venture and much more. Like everyone, I harbor my own ideas about achieving success. I have read many books, watched hundreds of videos and attended countless conferences. My brain is a mishmash of excellent information. But the bottom line is: growth requires having a methodology. Bringing an outside voice onto the team will help me see what needs to be done next;
  2. Habits. The only real way to achieve lasting success is by improving my habits and processes. I know that by bringing on a strategist it will require me to change my deepest habits, along with the habits of the rest of my team. But we are ready for that;
  3. Challenges. Growth always presents new challenges. Period. This fact is often conveniently left out of any discussion about life improvement. I know this change will make me uncomfortable, overwhelmed or perhaps frustrated. I find myself asking if I am ready for this new challenge. Am I ready to change? These are not flippant questions. I know changing my life will be a massive learning curve. It won‎’t happen overnight;
  4. Interacting with others. Getting through this next part of my life will require a lot of support. Luckily, my amazing team is already encouraging this new direction. Indeed, it was a dinner with my stage partner, Chris, after he told me I was too close to my brand that I knew I needed extra help. I will need much more of that honest support as I embark on this new challenge;
  5. Clarity. This change will supply me with greater clarity about my direction. I need someone who knows the market and clever ways to exploit it. Even more than this, I need someone to help clarify my own personal motivations. I’m hoping this marketing guru can do both.

In hindsight, our successes can hold the illusion of being organic. But in truth, the path to success is often inorganic and painted by strenuous effort and struggle. There is a huge difference between wanting something and doing the work to get there. Working half-heartedly will never be enough to reach a goal.

Real work involves finding the gaps in your narrative, adjusting your habits, understanding your personal challenges, collaborating with others and clarifying your goals, processes and motivations.


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