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You can easily list the people who you would trade lives with.  Maybe your list includes a bunch of celebrities.  Maybe a bunch of athletes resides on your list.  Maybe your list is a who’s who of the uber-rich.


Oftentimes, when watching other people walk, move with ease, talk without an impediment, and just live without a disability, I say to myself, what would I do with those abilities?  How would I exploit opportunities or just go after my goals?


Have you ever considered how many people would trade places with you?  We all have challenges, and it seems that if we lived a different life and were in a different circumstance that our lives would be drastically better.  Remember, although you have challenges, there are blessings in your life that other people are wishing for and even pining over.


If you have connected to the internet, not ever experienced starvation (hungry is not starving), lived in a non-oppressive country, ever laughed, ever had a long dinner with friends, or just had an amazing experience, well, then you’re lucky.


I know life is challenging.  I don’t want to diminish anybody’s pain.  However, looking at it from the perspective of others will give you the gratitude that will help you put everything in perspective.


Having a disability really sucks.  However, if I don’t take the time to put those emotions into the proper perspective, I can’t enjoy my life or go after my dreams.  I’m able to go out with my friends.  Enjoy being a father.  Express my creative side through writing.  I laugh every day.  I watched my favorite sports team win championships.  I have many experiences that mean the world to me.


One simple question – who would trade places with you?


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