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Five Big Ideas for 2022

I usually like to kick off each New Year by writing about achieving your goals. Everyone has something to say about the dreaded “New Year’s Resolution,” but I want to go a different way.

This post will bring together five of my biggest ideas shared over the past few months. These ideas aren’t antagonistic to the garden-variety New Year’s Resolution concept. They are meant to be complimentary to the conventional wisdom and strengthen your mental foundation to maximize any decisions you make in 2022.

I picked these ideas because they reflect some of the best lessons I learned during my big and bold business moves this year. Top amongst them is that instead of making a wish list, I deployed the process of analyzing if I was ready to make real changes to my life. I’m happy to say this approach generated enormous value, so let’s dig into the details: 

  1. Decision making. The building blocks of our lives are influenced by the quality of our decisions. Perhaps the most important aspect of success is to know that the definition of a repeated decision is “habit.” To achieve any goals in 2022, aim to improve your decision-making process.
  2. Take bold actions. Most regrets don’t come from trying and failing. Instead, regret is a result of refusing to take risks. It is natural to fear losing money or status and of having your ego bruised. But remember this: injuries heal eventually. Accepting that you might be hurt is the price of achieving your dreams.
  3. Improve your environment. Every decision you make is, to a greater or lesser degree, influenced by your close network, friends and family. The path to achieving any goal in 2022 is to surround yourself with positive and driven people. Watch their habits and adopt their mindset.
  4. Expand your bubble. Know this: there are more ways of achieving success than there are successful people. Why? Because most success is simply a result of good planning, following a clear process and having the energy to push through the hard moments. Success isn’t just about the right connections, raw talent or luck.
  5. Make peace with the past. We all carry unresolved fear, memories of failure or the notion that some barrier stops us from wild success. Everyone has these mental hurdles, but successful people learn to accept their past. Acceptance is not about liking your past. It is about doing whatever it takes to move forward.

These five big ideas were key to my fantastic experience in 2021. In the coming year, I want to dig deeper into these ideas and explore many more. Now, get back to making money, mending relationships and losing those extra Christmas pounds!

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