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Last week, I wrote about focus. This week, I am writing about focus and how the right focus can lead to an amazing life. We live in a time where we have an abundance of information at our finger tips. We can literally call up any information that we want, sometimes we can even see the last thing our favorite celebrity ate, or what kind of jeans they were wearing. When I was growing up in the 1980s and 1990s, you had to buy a magazine or wait for a show to get this information.

The good news is that there’s more information than ever that can help you become amazing. There are blogs, podcasts, online classes, forums, and other avenues that can help you become amazing. On YouTube, there are funny videos, cat videos, videos of kids playing with toys, and videos that can help you live an amazing life.

The opportunities to focus on amazing are endless and abundant. On the other hand, the opportunities to be distracted and overwhelmed are ever-present. In addition, there is an abundance of information that has the potential to deter you from being amazing. Even if you consume a diet of positive and empowering messages, it’s challenging to focus on one or two messages that can help you reach amazing. 

In the book, High Performance Habits by Brendon Bruchard, Bruchard writes about the five key activities that one should take in order to reach their goals. When Bruchard started writing books, he made several assumptions about the writing and marketing of books. He assumed that going to writing conferences was an important component in a writer’s career. He decided to interview authors about what it took to excel. He was surprised when he learned that going to writing conferences was not a key activity. He decided to focus on the five activities that would actually cause amazing success.


An amazing life takes discipline and focus, but, more importantly, it takes focusing on the right activities. Any goal and any venture takes focus on the activities that will actually get you to amazing. It’s rarely a shortcut and it’s probably not a get rich quick scheme. It’s focus.



 Being amazing takes focus. It is important to lessen your distractions if you want to stay on track when trying to achiever your dreams.


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