Focus on the Miscellaneous

blog Mar 08, 2019

There are activities that don’t really fit into the other buckets. However, if you don’t execute on these activities then your life will not run smoothly. Examples can include putting gas in your car, paying bills, calling customer service, going to the doctor, etc. Although these are necessary activities, we often ignore them and don’t treat them like priorities. When we don’t treat them like priorities they linger and get in the way of more important tasks.

In each bucket, there are tasks that we don’t feel excited to do. A chef turned restauranteur has to make sure that the restaurant is clean and be attentive to hundreds of pedestrian tasks that need to be executed. Conventional wisdom says that you should love what you do all the time. Let’s face it, there are priorities that a person is not going to always be excited about. A loving couple with young children must spend time coordinating schedules and other tasks that are necessary for the family to run smoothly. Even the most exciting of tasks can feel like work at times. A couple’s date night can feel like just one more thing that has to be done. That does not mean that a couple doesn’t want to do it. It just means that they have other distractions in the way.

In my business, one of my favorite activities is writing. There are times when I am not inspired to write or I have other things on my mind or the words are not free flowing. However, if I don’t consistently write or just wait for the time that I feel inspired to write, then I lose business momentum.

People are creatures of habit. The more amazing your habits are, the more likely you are to achieve amazing success. There are activities that we are excited to perform. There are activities about which we feel indifferent. There are even activities that make us anxious or scared. There are even activities that for some are worse than pulling teeth.


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