Focus Your Mind on Amazing

blog Mar 09, 2019

Focusing on your priorities is a mindset issue. The people who are amazing have an intense focus on amazing. The opposite of priorities are distractions. Distractions may be social media, phone alerts, and anything that diverts attention from your priorities. Priorities and distractions are not straight forward. For example, when you are home, you can be distracted by a work call. During the day, you can be distracted with a personal call.

Every goal requires its own dedicated time, energy, and money. Focusing on amazing requires not being distracted from the goal. It’s also executing on every single step. When I am working, my priorities are communicating with my team and writing. One of the activities is writing. When I write, it’s me, my office manager, Jamila, and some music.

In a perfect world, distractions pop up and need to be attended to. If you are working on a project for work and you or a family member get sick, then your priority should change to deal with that challenge. If your client needs to meet with you during family time, then some priority needs to be shifted. If you are working on a project and an emergency pops up, then that needs to be your priority. Sometimes distractions have a cleaver disguise. When a professional opportunity comes up, it might seem wise to make it a priority, but, in reality, it will distract you from your true priority. There are a finite amount of resources. When you add priorities onto your life, then you’re stretching resources.


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