Focusing on Amazing

blog Feb 22, 2019

One factor that gets in the way of an amazing life is not focusing on your goals, but, rather, focusing on your challenges. Whenever I focus on my challenges and my limitations, I don’t get very far, but when I focus on my dreams and my amazing life, my challenges become secondary.

Before I decided that I could go to USC, I was obsessed with how my disability prevented from living an amazing life. When I decided to make my dreams and my goals the focal point of my life, then and only then was I able to go and live out my dreams.

So often people make their challenges the focal point of their life instead of their dreams becoming the focal point. When I decided to speak and write, I did not obsess over the fact that it’s probably a good idea for a speaker to, you know, speak, or for a writer to, you know, actually write.

When I asked Chris to be on my team, the last factor that I considered was whether or not he could understand me. I knew through experience that we would figure it out, and we did.

People get stuck on the minutiae of their challenges. They don’t start writing in fear of, one day, having writer’s block. They don’t go after their dream job for fear of getting rejected. They don’t put themselves out there in fear of not being good enough. These ideas are alive and well. However, these ideas should be secondary to your dreams, your goals, and your amazing life.

Reality is going to provide you with roadblocks and obstacles and that’s just a part of life. That’s also a part of the human condition that every amazing person went through. However, the difference between those that strive for their dreams and everybody else is that they make the focal point of their life their dreams.


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