Follow Your Dreams

Uncategorized Feb 25, 2022

There are so many ways that people describe going after your dreams.  Chase your dreams.  Finding your truth.  Living out your purpose.  The world is a playground.  Most of the way people describe their dreams and the way you go after them is to describe what you want and somehow it will come true.  However, a more realistic approach is to follow your dreams.

Life is like a negotiation.  You have some idea of what you want and if you are willing to listen, or do the necessary research, you can find out what you need to do in order to accomplish your goals.  It is not wise to unilaterally decide what you are going to do, make vague assumptions and think that is all that is necessary to get to your goals.  Any goal you have someone else has accomplished or at least some version of it.

Follow your dreams does not mean that you ask the universe exactly what you want and somehow a magical path will reveal itself.  The path will reveal itself when you ask questions, engage others, get feedback, and do the work necessary for you to achieve that goal.

Many factors go into the viability of your goal.  Your goal and achieving the goal does not solely depend on your desires.  It depends on the environment that you are in.  This could be the economic environment, the market, and simply what others will accept of you and your actions.  It is unwise to create a product that nobody will buy.  It is unwise to think that a mate will just accept every single quirk that you have.  A big part of success is just the service of others.  This includes giving of yourself and there’s no way that you unilaterally do this.

Your dreams are out there.  Figure out what path you need to get on and just follow your dreams.


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