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As my manager Kristi is posting this, I am sleeping in the Philippines. I have no idea how my trip is going because I am writing this before I leave. I do not want to interrupt my streak of blog posts just because I am having a good time. Last week I talked about how I’m eager, yet hesitant, to start speaking. I could easily have said to myself that I will just deal with everything when I get back. I could also have said to myself that I’m taking a vacation to get away from everything. One of the reasons that I didn’t want to do that is because I wanted to come back to some kind of structure and momentum. Here’s what I did. I bought a new scanner so I could scan books because my old one conked out. I bought a stack of books so when I get back I can start reading on a more consistent basis. Kristi is going to be working on my autobiography while I’m gone.

Momentum needs attention. I do not want to stop momentum just because I want to have fun. I want to go have fun and know that I’m not going to worry about it, but the lesson here is when you’re taking a break, have steps in place that will help you recreate the momentum again.

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