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inspiration motivation Jun 13, 2019

Two critical factors to amazing success are inspiration and motivation. The main difference between motivation and inspiration is that motivation has to do with the everyday motions of life. Being motivated to be present with your family, being motivated to put in effort at work, being motivated to do the right thing or partake in self-improvement are all examples of daily motivations. On the other hand, inspiration has to do with the big picture of life. What do you want for yourself? What do you want for the people that you love? What kind of experiences do you want to have?

You can also be inspired by the negative. What if you kept ignoring your dreams?  What if you ignored the big idea or your big dream? One of the issues that inspires me is the thought that, at anytime, my disability can literally stop me in my tracks. The same goes with my fears or insecurities. The more I focus on my inspirations, the less those fears will come true. There were days where the only factor that inspired me was simply the notion of if I didn’t try hard, then my disability got the better of me. 

Everybody, at some point or another, had big dreams. For some, these thoughts inspired them to take action. However, for most these thoughts were quickly replaced by doubts, fears, insecurities, or in some cases, they were quickly shut down by the people they lean on for encouragement.

 There is an abundance of inspiration that you can use in order to not be a victim of insecurities, doubts, fears, or naysayers.

For every inspirational thought, there are many messages that will contradict it.  These negative messages can sap inspiration. (If I had watched Game of Thrones, I would throw in a reference, but I didn’t.)  Every time I was inspired, I immediately thought of how my disability or my fears or my insecurities got in the way.

 Getting inspired is not something that you do once a year or occasionally. It’s something that you need to do on a regular basis. It can be thinking about what you want for your family every week. It can be thinking about what your life would look like if you don’t take action. It can be visualizing and getting excited about your goals.

Another way to get inspired is to associate it with or interact with people who fascinate you. One of my inspirations is my fascination with people who have done everything that I want to do. I am fascinated and inspired by other motivational speakers, other thought leaders, and other authors. I go out of my way to interact with them, watch their videos, read their books, and network with them. To accomplish this takes effort. I have to make time to read their books. I have to spend money to go to conferences.

Human beings have a natural instinct to be negative. In addition, back in the old days there were not an abundance of opportunities or possibilities of life. Inspiration and motivation are partly fighting our instinct to be negative and looking at what gives hope and a path to amazing. This takes work. It takes commitment to inspire yourself.

One way that you can inspire yourself is to hire a coach. A coach can help you inspire yourself by showing you the possibilities, cut down the learning curve, help you make connections, help you prevent mistakes, and show you how to become amazing.

Inspiration rarely hits you over the head. Inspiration and motivation take work. In addition, inspiration and motivation is only a step into amazing success. Some of the next steps are focused, having the right mindset, commitment, confidence, building a team, and many other factors.

Go inspire yourself! 



Inspiration and motivation go hand-in-hand on the road to amazing success. It is important to keep motivating yourself to achieve your goals and using what inspires you to keep going. Without these factors, you will lack key components to an amazing life.


Please answer these questions in the comments.

What inspires you and how do you use that to motivate yourself? 

What are some habits in your everyday life that you can turn into motivational inspiration to achieve your goals?


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