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Go Motivate Yourself

On your journey to amazing success, you are going to deal with challenges and part of dealing with challenges is facing discouraging moments. These moments can either stop you or empower you to pursue amazing success.

Throughout my journey, I had and continue to have many moments that are discouraging. Some of these moments are directly related to my disability, but most of these feelings are related to my desire to become amazing. I chose to be an author, a speaker, a father, a husband, and I chose all my ambitious crazy dreams.

If I am not careful, I can be daunted by negative emotions and feelings. With regard to my disability, I can be consumed by everything I cannot do. I can be consumed by my speech impediment, the fact that I need so much help, or the sheer effort that my disability requires. My disability makes most activities exponentially more challenging. In my pursuit of amazing success, I have to deal with marketing, sales, leading a team, and everything that it takes to become amazing.

Motivation and inspiration are not something that you have or don’t have. It’s something that flows in and out of you. It is easy to be motivated when everything is going right. For most, motivation is challenging to maintain when life is not going your way. When you are striving for amazing, you are going to encounter moments of doubt. You are going to be faced with setbacks. You are going to deal with people who might pick on you. You might be let down by other people. You might do everything right and still fall flat on your face. These moments drain motivation.

It’s up to you to motivate and inspire yourself. The good news is that there is an abundance of motivation. When you feel discouraged or suffer a setback, it’s up to you to get motivated. It’s up to you to order and read a self-help book. If you need to get past a mental block, it’s up to you to engage a psychologist and be committed to work through your blocks. If you have a bad day, it’s up to you to call the friend or family member or listen to a playlist that just puts you in a good mood or connect with religion or take a walk in the park. Motivation and inspiration are all around us.  Among all this inspiration is a sea of other messages that are not so inspiring, motivating, or don't serve you on your path to amazing.

I often feel taunted by my disability. I watch people every day performing activities that my disability either makes more challenging or down right prevents me from doing. Yet, I feel that I’m always motivated and inspired. Being motivated and inspired is not always being happy and not experiencing negative moments. It’s understanding that these moments are just some sacrifices that I need to experience on my road to amazing.

I have my go-to routines when I feel discouraged. I remind myself why my dreams are so important to me. There are colleagues who I follow who achieve amazing success.  I read their work and watch their videos. I connect with people who inspire me. I lean on my team for help. I go out with my loved ones. I spend time with my wife and kids.  This is part of routine every day. However, when I’m having a rough time I lean on this routine more. This is not my natural instinct. My natural instinct is to complain, moan, proclaim that life is not fair, put the blame on other factors, and start a spiral.  I have to fight my instinct and find a way to be motivated and inspired.

Next time you are faced with a challenge or negative thoughts, remember it’s up to you to motivate yourself. This can be as simple as playing your favorite songs, writing down the next steps, calling a mentor or friend, or reading a helpful book. Motivation and inspiration are not going to hit you over the head. In addition, you have to be willing to accept motivation and inspiration in your life. If you are in a victim mentality even the best motivation is going to be tainted by the lens of your mindset.

Get in the mindset and get motivated because there is an amazing life waiting for you. 


On the road to amazing success, it is important to stay motivated in the wake of challenges and obstacles. Motivation and inspiration are things that already live in you and you have to tap into that potential in order to move forward to achieve your goals.

In the comments please answer: 

What are ways that you motivate yourself when you’re facing an obstacle or challenge?

What inspires you and how do you use that on your everyday quest towards amazing?

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