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Here's What You Can Do When Life Doesn't Go Your Way

Life can be funny in an ironic sort of way. It is highly possible that you can take the right actions, have the right attitude, and somehow not get your desired goals. 


There are going to be periods in your life when this happens to you. When you are taking responsibility, you are taking on challenges, you are nice to people, and life still doesn’t go your way.


In these instances, you can take one of two actions: a)you can retreat or b)you can fight.


When you retreat you are giving away your power. It’s as if you are a petulant child. Rather than being creative you choose thumb sucking. Rather than actively seeking solutions to your problems you ball up in fetal position. You do nothing to change your situation. You just don’t do anything.


This is a rather passive way to approach life.




There is another option.


You can fight.


There is no reason that your response to life’s punches has to be a bowed head and a bent back. 


Two of the themes of my work are before you change your life, you must change your approach to life. The second is that there is reality and your reaction to reality. These ideas are a start in responding to difficulties and setbacks from a place of opportunity and not of defeat.


So rather than letting a left hook or a right jab be the end of your journey let them be an opportunity to learn to bob, weave, dance, block, withstand pain, and of course, land a harder blow.


Past setbacks do not have to indicate future results. If you choose to fight for your life and your dreams, your future will look much brighter than if you decide to just give up and pout.


When you are stuck or life doesn't go your way, take an honest look at your successes and where you can improve.


Don’t retreat. Don’t blame others.


Adjust to reality. Adjust your approach.


Be willing to change.


To your success,

Sourena and the Team


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