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How Dealing with Challenges Pays Off

 Traditionally, we see challenges as things that get in the way of what we want. Even worse, some people lower their expectations based on the challenges that they have. They think that they can’t go after their goals because dealing with the obstacles is too much. They say that successful people have connections or abilities that they don’t have. One of the types of challenges that people have to deal with is challenges that seemingly pop out of nowhere. This year, the biggest challenge that we face generationally has popped up. We are dealing with a world-wide pandemic called the coronavirus. This has disrupted every aspect of our lives.  Unfortunately, this will kill some dreams and aspirations.

 Challenges are just a part of life. There have been wars, civil unrest, and, yes, pandemics in the past. Instead of looking at challenges as something that stops you in your path, look at challenges as opportunities develop skills, habits, and new ways of going after your goals.  Almost the same skills needed to deal with any challenge are the same skills needed to achieve success. Right now is a great opportunity to develop yourself and position yourself to take advantage of future opportunities.

 In high school and college, I started to think about how my disability made interactions with the material and, at the same time, the world different from my peers. I focused on the fact that I could not take notes, highlight a book, or make flashcards. These tactile ways of learning were taken away from me. At the time, I assumed that it was not fair, and I was robbed of many opportunities. My disability also forced me to create a career where my unique circumstances are considered and taken care of. One day, while I was writing something for my business, I realized ,because I could not take notes in school and because I could not interact with the material like others, I had developed an ability to look at life differently. I also developed the ability to write something in my head and dictate weeks or even years later. I also used this method to write business plans and come up with different challenges for my business and for clients. 

 The opposite of this mindset is the victim mindset. Right now, so many people are in the victim mindset and they think that that the coronavirus happened to them. No matter where you are and no matter how bad or good times are, the goal is to improve your life. When I made my observations in college, I could have easily given in to a victim mindset. Instead, I empowered myself to live out an amazing life.

 The key was that I was always compelled to create an amazing life. That thought had always driven me to achieve whatever I could despite my disability.

 Right now, you are probably wishing that your life was back to normal. You are wondering how is this your business, your life, and your career. At the same time, this is a good time to learn how to deal with your challenges and use what you learned to take advantage of opportunities when pendulum of life swings. Develop those skills. Master the art of dealing with challenges.  Take control of your emotions. Become a master of mindset and go be amazing.



It is important to take advantage of this time to learn skills and deal with challenges so that you can continue to be amazing once things return to normal.



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