How I Recently Needed to Tweak My Narrative

Uncategorized Feb 19, 2021

One of the concepts often written about in developing an amazing mindset is rewriting your narrative.  Part of our narrative is the way we see ourselves and the way we go about achieving our goals.  I have been writing and thinking about this concept for a while now.  One thing I know to be true is that no matter where you are in your life, this process is never ending.


 There are two reasons why this journey is never ending.  First, times are always changing and in order to keep up your narrative and mindset have to keep up with the times.  Your approach needs to keep evolving.  Your understanding needs to keep evolving.  Your approach needs to keep improving.  You also need to keep up with the times.  Second, is that it’s challenging to get away from your narrative that has been ingrained in you from a very young age.  No matter how much you want to change, there are still going to be voices in your past or influences in your past that will get in your way.

 Here’s what happened.

 I was working on some copy for my business and I was stuck on who I wanted to market to and serve.  This was a critical step that I needed to work on.  I believe that everybody can improve their lives by improving their mindset.  However, due to my countless hours of research in marketing I knew I needed to hone in on a specific market.  My team and I were playing with the idea of marketing to and serving entrepreneurs.  However, in the past I had avoided that market because I knew that my strengths were not teaching about business concepts, but rather being inspirational and talking about personal development.

 I was on a Zoom call with a brilliant copywriter who I had been working with for about a year.  Her name is Amy Matos.  Her work is awesome, and I value her opinion.  As we were talking she said something to the essence of you’re not teaching business concepts to entrepreneurs.  You are serving entrepreneurs by helping them get a good mindset.  That one sentence changed everything.  There are several reasons that this one statement changed my mindset and my narrative.

  1. I wanted to get it right.  I know this sounds simple, but it’s very profound.  I recognized that something was getting in the way.  I was determined to find the right fit.  So often, we want everything else around us to change when in reality we also need to change .
  2. I am a lifelong student.  I’m always reading marketing books, watching videos, attending industry events, and researching my topic.  This allows me to have a more robust conversation.  As soon as I heard that one sentence my mindset changed.  It did not take long to put all the puzzle pieces together.
  3. I knew who could help me and I knew what questions to ask. So often, we want advice from the people who are closest to us.  Unfortunately, oftentimes the  people who are good to us are not the same people who can give us the best advice.  It’s not that they don’t want to help.  It’s just that they may not have the expertise, or they are just too intimately involved in our lives to objective.  So rather than give us advice that is challenging, they give us advice that provides immediate gratification or simply feels good.

 No matter where you are on your journey, there are going to be instances where you get stuck or you just need a mindset shift.  When this happens, be willing to change and be willing to change your narrative.




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