How the Internet Can Help You Be a Lifelong Learner

Uncategorized Jul 29, 2022

I consider myself a lifelong learner.  I’m always learning about something and asking many questions. As previously stated I really like to learn.

Learning is a journey that is not always a straightforward and linear path.  From the time you are first aware of something, to the time that you embrace or incorporate it into your life takes time.  Being exposed to the information and really embracing it may take weeks, months, or even years.  There was definitely information that took me years to embrace.

This is where the internet comes in.  When you search for something, the internet gives you suggested content that you can consume.  It’s good to have questions.  It’s even better to look for the answers.  Basically, be curious.  Let the questions and search for answers lead you to more questions and more answers.   This is the good kind of rabbit hole.  It’s just fine to get buried in the search for answers.

One of the reasons that people don’t grow themselves is because they assume that they have to know everything right away and it’s not okay to have questions.  They are afraid to be consumed by the quest for answers.  This fear prevents the pursuit of knowledge.  Even worse, it makes a person stagnant and unable to grow.  The best metaphor I can think of is this: not continuing to learn is like being a stalled car on the Autobahn.  Everyone else is innovating and speeding past while you are stuck with a crank engine.  If you don’t take the time to learn, you just get left behind.

This fate doesn't have to be your reality.  You have an amazing good tool to help you learn, grow, and be part of the future.  That tool is available almost everywhere.  It’s the internet— use it, learn, and grow.


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