How to Achieve Your Goals

blog Jan 12, 2016

Last week, I gave you my thoughts on the problems with New Year’s resolutions. Now, I want to give you some techniques for achieving your goals:
Set very specific goals. The more specific goals you have, the easier it will be for you to create action steps to achieve them. Don’t get too rigid—you want your goals to have a chance to breathe, so don’t strangle them with restrictions. One of the the action steps that I am taking this year is to develop a target list of where I want to speak, but if I focus on only hitting my prospective list, then I might miss out on opportunities. The name of the game is commitment. Your goals take personal commitment, and the commitment of your resources. You must commit the time, energy, money, and other resources to achieve your goals.
Set a process. The process of achieving goals is important. Once you allocate your resources to your goals, you should determine your process of actually achieving them. Your goals need consistency. You can’t become excited one day, and the next day some crap comes up. Don’t focus on the goals. Focus on the process of getting there.

Best-selling author and a good friend of mine, Larry Winget says it’s called work for a reason. Sometimes applying these techniques sucks. In fact, most of the time it sucks. It takes bugging people, doing things out of my comfort zone, and making sacrifices.

This week’s assignment:

Identify a goal.
Define the goal as specifically as you can.
Determine what resources you need to advance your goal.
Come up with a list of essential activities associated with your goal and most importantly, EXECUTE on the activities.


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