How To Think About New Year’s Resolutions

blog Jan 05, 2016

It is that time of year again, where some people make a list of everything they want to accomplish in the New Year. But there is a big problem with that; resolutions are based on the outcome, not the steps required to actually accomplish the goal. Having goals are great. Goals  are the first steps for success, but the creation of a process for actually achieving your goals is what you allow you to reach them in 2016. Every goal or dream has  actionable steps that need to be designed. These steps are critical to your success. The problem is these steps can be boring and even piss you off at times. In the beginning of the year we are all filled with excitement. Yeah I’m going to lose 10 pounds. Yeah I’m going over the counter viagra to save money. Yeah I’m going to eat better. Sometime in mid January you are doing well with your resolutions but you are starting to get bored with eating the same piece of chicken breast instead of French fries. Instead of focusing on the goal, you should focus on the process of getting there. It was one of my biggest struggles in business, and once I am started to focus on the process, rather than the goals, I started achieving them. Every quarter my partners Chris, Marty  and I have a meeting and we discuss our goals. More importantly, however, is what we do in between the meetings. I would like you all to take your wonderful New Year’s Resolutions one by one and write down 3 or 4 steps that you need to perform on a regular basis in order for you to accomplish them.


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