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Ideas to Accept the Results of Your Efforts

When life goes our way or we achieve success, we tend to take credit and attribute our success to hard work. When life does not go our way, or we don’t achieve success, we tend to blame our shortcomings on outside factors, bad luck, other people, the “system,” or we just make up any old excuse to not look within us.


Try this!


When you achieve success, attribute that success to outside factors.  Praise others around you.  Give credit to the environment that you are in.  Be grateful for the blessings in your life.  Be grateful for the technology that you have access to.  


When you don’t achieve success, or you feel that success is slow, put the onus on yourself.  Ask, “what more could I have done” or ask, “how could I have improved relationships?”  Take a little more ownership and give a little more credit to others and outside factors.  Basically, give more love and take more ownership.  Eventually, there will be an abundance of credit or success that you can take.

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