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Instant Success Requires Patience

In this instant gratification, microwaveable society we live in, the art of patience is getting lost.  We are starting to lose sight of the idea that sometimes you can not hurry, and you just have to wait.


The fact is that success has its own timeline.  It might not be the timeline that you like, but you will have to adhere to it.  We have to let it sink into our minds that not everything is going to happen quickly or in an instant. 


It takes time to achieve a goal.


It takes a lot of time and patience to raise kids right.


It takes time to get on the same page as other people, either professionally or personally.


It takes time to make something like a business, a book, or a work of art to become amazing.


Patience is necessary for success.  Don’t conflate patience with sitting around.  No matter what, you always have to take the right actions and be in motion.  Being patient in no way means being lazy.  It just means understanding that some things just take time.


Be patient.


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