Is This Missing From Your Life?

I have a deep love of life. I love the possibilities of life. I love the opportunities of life. I have many experiences, both professionally and personally. I have the opportunity to inspire people. My career has introduced me to many unique experiences, which I cherish. I had the opportunity to have lifelong friendships and have a great time with the people who I love being with. I get to collaborate with amazing thinkers. Finally, I love my family, from my parents to my wife to my favorite boys, Andrew and Tyler. I love being a father, a husband, a friend, a professional, and a partner in crime to many. Frankly, I love life.

There is a difference between loving life and loving every single aspect of life. In fact, part of having an amazing life is dealing with struggles in order to find the parts of life that you love. I deal with my physical disability, and the psychological ramifications that go along with it. I also deal with the every day challenges of creating an amazing life.

My first book is called “Love Your Life and It Will Love You Back.” The crux of the book is that if you love your life, then life will return the favor and give you amazing success. My definition of love is not clean and pretty. It’s messy. It’s full of challenges.  It’s everyday struggles. It’s waking up every day and fighting for your amazing dreams.

The first step is daring to dream. You must dare to dream about an amazing life. I became the speaker who cannot speak and the writer who cannot write because that fascinated me. That fascination led me to where I am today.

My disability gave me a built-in excuse not to go after my dreams. If I did not write a book, nobody would have questioned that. If I did not speak, nobody would question that. My path to amazing started with falling in love with those dreams.

One thing that may be preventing you from achieving your dreams is that you don’t love your life enough. Loving life is not something that happens one day. You must love your life and affirm that love every single day. If you don’t, then your life will not love you back.




You path to amazing success needs to include one thing: A love for life. Without this, you are diminishing your fulfillment of the amazing opportunities life has to offer.



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