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It’s Not Just a Phone

About a month and a half ago, I noticed my phone started breaking apart at the hinge. I had an old-style Nextel with a regular keypad. I had been wanting a smartphone for a while, but assumed it would not work for me. I need the phone to be able to do a couple of things. First, I need to be able to dial the phone, and second, I need the phone to answer automatically in speaker mode on the second ring. Every so often I would look online for apps, but didn’t have the courage to make the leap. The truth is…I was scared of change. What if I got the phone and couldn’t use it? What if I dropped it? I have always been a technology geek. I have a twenty-seven inch iMac hooked up to a forty-inch television. In the living room I have an entertainment center with a sixty-inch television hooked up to a PlayStation and a four hundred disc player with surround sound. In my bedroom I have lights that I control by remote. I even have my audio/video guy on speed dial. I’m a geek. I was in the Sprint store one day and kept going back and forth between the cool smartphones and the grandpa-style cell phones. My geeky side said to get the smartphone and figure out what my practical side wants. Get the geeky phone! The idea of getting cool ringtones and a sexy screen was overwhelming and I finally got the new Galaxy. I figured I had fourteen days to return it, but that sucker ain’t going back! Any new decision in our lives, whether it be going out with someone new or getting a new job or buying a new cell phone when you’re not quite sure you can use it, requires a leap of faith. We have to let go of the way we used to do things in order to find out something better or new. At the Sprint store, I was more than a pest. I made sure to get an app that automatically answered my phone. Another issue that I had was texting. I accepted the fact that no matter what phone I got, I could not text. So, I decided to give that fight up. Ask many questions. So, two days after I got the phone, I was in the office with Kristi and I asked her if she could do a Google search on logging into my phone remotely. After a while, Kristi found an app that allows me to remotely log into my phone, which I love. I CAN TEXT NOW! In life, we always have to ask questions. We ask ourselves, we ask our friends, we ask strangers, and we ask my best friend Google, who knows everything. These are the important questions that I’ve asked throughout my life: How can I move out of the house and go off to college? How can I write a book? How can I become a speaker? Hey Babak, does your girlfriend have any friends? Most of life’s answers start out with a question. I absolutely love my phone. I cannot tell you how close I was to not buying it. Yes, I can’t text unless I’m behind my computer it’s a little bit harder for me to dial the phone. I can’t use the voice commands, but I’m happy. This is a small microcosm of my life. I get stuck. I ask a few questions, I take a leap of faith, if it doesn’t work out, it doesn’t work out.

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