It's Not Only About Your Goals

blog Feb 22, 2019

When people go after their goals, they may only think about everything directly relating to their goals. If someone wants to lose weight, they may consider their diet and their exercise routine. If someone wants to save money, they may look at where they can cut back or where they are spending frivolously. These are all valid and need attention. However, everything in our lives is interconnected and has an indirect impact on our goals.

For example, when you are losing weight, you need the proper amount of sleep or your body thinks it’s under attack and will start storing fat. If you are trying to save money and you are stressed out, you are more likely to buy on impulse because buying on impulse can lead to a rush that will temporarily ease your stress.

Your life will never change unless your habits and your routines change. Every single habit you have can impact all of your goals, not just the habits directly related to your goals.

As a writer, I have to always be inspired by my life and my goals because I write about inspiration, motivation, and goal achievement. In order for me to be more effective, I need to live my life based on my words. My actions need to be congruent with the message that I put out.

Everything I do, including the way I interact with my kids, the way I go out to dinner with my friends, even talking to my wife in the kitchen, has to inspire me.

What makes me a prolific writer is not only what happens behind the computer. It happens everywhere. In fact, I don’t do any real work before 10 a.m. Although, on most days, I wake up around 6:30 a.m. I play with my kids, read books, and watch sports talk. These activities help me get ready for the day.

Achieving goals is not only about what you do directly related to your goals. It’s what you do that’s indirectly related to your goals. Factors like avoiding drama, exercise routine, practicing gratitude, being present, and many more positive habits will help you with any goal you want to reach.


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