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It's The Simple Things That Matter Most

Recently, I was invited to speak at a local elementary school.  The challenging part of speaking to kids is constructing a simple yet, impactful message.  So, we came up with three takeaways that meet that criteria.


After the speech, I realized that these takeaways are universal and can be applied to any person, young or old.  Yet, in this distracted, microwaveable, and self-serving society, we often forget the simple things in life.


I will not tell you exactly what I told the kids, but I will share the basic points that I gave the children.


Here we go:

  1. Be kind.  Kindness is needed for amazing success, and if we are going to help each other become successful, we need to approach others with kindness and empathy.  If someone needs help, help them.  If someone is going through something, be empathetic.  If someone needs a hand up, give them a hand up.  Being kind is based on seeing the humanity of others and treating them in a humane way.  
  2. Deal with challenges.  One of my core philosophies is simply that challenges are just a part of life.  They are inescapable.  Many challenges don’t go away.  This is not an excuse to give up or not put in the effort.  This is a calling card to work around challenges and not let them define you.
  3. Always do your best.  The art of focusing on a goal and seeing it through is getting lost.  Success takes always doing your best. Develop the skills and competencies that will get you on the path to amazing success.  Always be amazing.  Be positive.  Have clear goals.


Old and young, young and old, many principles in life don’t really change.  In essence they are timeless.  With the rapid pace of change, it’s comforting to know many principles of life and success don’t really change.


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