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January 8, 2015

What happens when you get some of the best news of your professional life, but it gets trumped by some of the best news of your entire life…? Last Thursday—the 8th of January—was one of those days. I woke up and called my dad on his 69th birthday, checked my email and found out I’m going to be speaking to a thousand entrepreneurs this May in Orlando. It’s absolutely a dream come true because I will be sharing the stage with my mentor and good friend Larry Winget. Trust me, it gets better. What happened next is truly amazing. My wife was days from her anticipated due date. We had an appointment with the doctor. It was to be one of her last checkups and he said that she was almost ready to deliver—all she needed were the contractions. We picked up lunch on the way home and after we ate…the contractions started. She was in labor. She was in labor! We waited a couple of hours until they were five minutes apart, then we drove to the hospital and arrived around 5pm. I was hoping that the baby would be born on my dad’s birthday. By the time I managed to get downstairs where my dad was waiting for the news, it was past midnight. My dad assumed that his birthday had come and gone, but when I told him that Tyler was indeed born on his birthday, we were both overjoyed. Both my parents have sacrificed so much for my sister and I that it is fitting that he shares a birthday with his second grandson. At 10:25pm, Tyler Vasseghi came into the world, The family that I always wanted and dreamed for was complete. The next morning I woke up and called my editor Kristi to tell her not to put the blog up that I had written for the New Year. Normally in January, I write a blog about New Year’s resolutions but this week is about joy, happiness and realized dreams. What is so good about having dreams if you can’t fully enjoy them when they come true? I have many more dreams and goals but right now one of my main goals is to create an environment where I can show my boys that the possibilities of life are endless and I want them to have access to unbelievable people and amazing experiences. I just can’t wait until I get to speak in Orlando. I am able to take my boys with me and maybe I will take them to Disney World. I haven’t decided yet. This year has already been amazing. I have a feeling that it’s going to be even more amazing. I can’t wait! I will keep you updated.

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