Let Amazing Inspire You

relationships Oct 31, 2019

A majority of our behavior is learned. We learn from the people that we interact with, the media, our friends and family, etc. By watching people, we learn how to think and act.  We learn behaviors and the level of success we can achieve. Our notion of success is dictated by what we see and what we hear. Nobody was born being a basketball star, football star, a writer, or anything else. We were all introduced to these professions.

 Most people base their mindset or their way of thinking on the people they have access to growing up such as their parents, extended family, teachers, and other members of their community. In order to become amazing, you must get outside of your circle of influence and let amazing people inspire you.

There is a sea of people who can inspire you. They can give you new ideas, new methodologies, and a roadmap to your own version of amazing success. When I grew up, I did not meet any speakers or any authors. I met my first speaker in my mid-20s. Right now, I have met thousands of speakers and countless authors. I also follow them on YouTube and read their books. I let other amazing people inspire me.

In order for you to become amazing, you need to let amazing people teach you what they know. It is not wise to assume that they have something that you don’t have.



On the road to amazing success, it is important that you allow others who are amazing to enhance the skills you already possess instead of comparing yourself to them.




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