Letting Go

blog Jan 12, 2012

I’m back in the office after four amazing trips that I took in December. I will talk about them in a later post. I’d like to start of the new year with some words about goals. I did this last year and I think I want to continue the tradition.

I am excited about this year because I am going to get married, going to publish my autobiography, and speak more.

Before I went on my trips, I watched a video by Joe Calloway, who I met in Arizona along with Larry Winget. The video was about letting go. The step after goal setting should be an inventory of things that did not work, a list of things that hold you back. Examples can be friends who don’t support your goals or friends who make fun of your goals. Also, they could be habits such as going for a Monday night cocktail with colleagues.

We all have struggles in our life that hinder us, but in order to move forward you have to let those things go.


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