Mindset Drives Actions and Actions Drive Success

narrative Jun 19, 2020

Oftentimes, there is a tenuous connection between mindset and success. When people want more out of life or want to get out of a jam, the last place they look is mindset. Mindset is almost a luxury. My job is to show you how mindset drives success. I believe that mindset touches everything important in your life. 

 The actions that you take on a daily or hourly basis are the building blocks to your life. They are also the input that fuels your life.  The better the input, the more success you will have. Actions lead to behavior which lead to habits then to processes then to living the life that you have.

 Mindset affects the actions that you take. Over the course of a day, you take dozens or even hundreds of actions. Some examples of these actions are what happens when you first open your eyes in the morning, whether you have a healthy breakfast or not, how you say good morning to your loved ones, whether you start off the day with meditation, exercise, or being frantic, etc.  When you are at work, your actions, and how well you perform these actions, have an impact on your day.  Examples include whether you make a well thought out to-do list, whether you waste time or be productive, the effort that you put into your projects, how you interact with the people around you, and dozens of activities.  When you come home from work, you have actions that can include supporting your loved ones, helping your kids with homework, being engaged at the dinner table, a positive bedtime routine, etc.

 Mindset affects every single action that you take. Mindset determines the effort you put into a task. Mindset affects the day’s major moments. These moments can include hitting the snooze button, picking up a book, ordering salad instead of a burger, telling your spouse “I love you” instead of picking a fight, working with your children instead of barking orders, changing to go to the gym instead of picking up the remote and many more moments that effect your day.

 All of these moments are affected by the mindset that you have and if you want to improve your life, you have to look at the building blocks of your life. People make mistakes when they look at the big picture instead of looking at the whole picture. The whole picture included looking at the big picture and the small actions that you take over and over again. We take dozens or hundreds of actions every day. If we improve only ten percent of the actions, our lives would improve dramatically. 



On the road to amazing success, it is important to have a mindset that allows you to take action. Even the smallest of choices can impact your road to amazing success. It’s important that you take actions that move you forward.


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