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Motivation is a big part of an amazing life and success.  However, there are challenges, limitations, bad days, problems, and a slew of other factors that get in the way of amazing success.  Motivation is often about the big picture and looking at what will happen in the future. It’s like a shot of caffeine. It makes you feel good in the moment, but oftentimes when we are faced with the smallest of challenges or just an inconvenience we let that sap our motivation.   It can be something as small as a rude cashier, traffic, a long line, or a tiff with a friend.

One of the goals should be to stay on track and not let these small issues get in the way of productivity.  There is a difference between looking at these instances as a nuisance rather than occurrences that could ruin your day.  We all have nuisances in our lives, but amazing people just leave it as nuisances rather than letting them get in the way of productivity and happiness.

One powerful way to stay focused and productive is to recognize the importance of not getting distracted and staying on track. This will lead to you to being able to maintain focus and not let nuisances become anything more than simple inconveniences.  It will allow you deal with real, rather than imagined, challenges. It will allow you to accomplish the tasks on your to-do list in an amazing manner. Ultimately, it will allow you reach your goals and move closer to your amazing.

Let’s face it.  Even once you recognize the importance of staying on track it is highly likely that you are not going to be excited or motivated all of the time.  I mean really, few people are motivated to call customer service. It is the rare person who is motivated to sit in traffic. And, even fewer people are always motivated to complete all the tasks on a to-do list.  But, in order to be amazing, these tasks need to be accomplished. Whenever you are faced with one of these tasks that either frustrate you, may seem boring, or may even scare you a little it is essential to recall its place as it relates to the big picture.  By doing this, you will be able to stop dreading the task, stop procrastinating, and actually complete the irritating job so that you can reach the future success that you envision.

Here is another approach to thinking about maintaining focus and completing less than desirable tasks.  Let’s think about this in terms of the type of person you wish to be. If you are reading this, there is a good chance that you want to accomplish a lot out of life.  There is a chance that you want to live a life that for most is only a dream. You want to be a doer.

Procrastinating is the exact opposite of the person that you need to be to get to your amazing.  And, although procrastinating may provide immediate relief in that you don’t have to think about the task at the present time, when we procrastinate or avoid the tasks that we need to complete, we are building habits that have an impact on our being and our success.  We are moving farther away from being the doer that we need to become in order to live the life that we want.

The solution…you ask?

Well, every day that you wake up, and for every task that you tackle, decide to be amazing.  Ask yourself why accomplishing this task important. Stay focused on that purpose. Then, go do the task.  Repeat this sequence for each task of your day. Build the habit. Reach your amazing. Be more productive.  Be happier.

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