Most Dreams Are Not Microwaveable

Uncategorized Jan 27, 2023

When we have new goals, new dreams, or want to improve our lives oftentimes there is an unreasonable expectation that we should see results right away.  But, unlike putting food in a microwave, and hearing a ding thirty seconds later, results come slowly and some results may not come for months or even years.  I know nobody wants to admit this, but this is the truth.


Instead of focusing on results, focus on changing the trajectory of your life.  We are on a certain trajectory in our financial life, our health, our professional life, and other critical aspects of our life.  Instead of focusing on changing your life, focus on changing the trajectory of your life.  


If you are in a car or even walking somewhere and you realize that you need to change directions because you are going the wrong way, wouldn’t you change your direction?  And just because you change your direction does not mean you are automatically there.  It means that you are on the right path to getting to your destination.


Progress can seem slow and even backward at times.  However, the goal is to get your life on a trajectory that will help you towards your goals.


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