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My Big Toy

This year has been the biggest year of my life. My biggest dream of having a family with a baby boy came true.

There are many frustrations associated with being a disabled father. I probably can’t pick up my baby until he’s six months or older. Despite all my frustrations, I am really, really happy.

One way I deal with my frustrations is through my work. I have always found an escape in my work. It makes me feel more connected, less disabled, and even more human. My work is one big toy for me. It’s gratifying, exciting and I love it!

Where this attitude has created trouble for me in the past, is that there are aspects of my business that are down right not fun. Everything great in life has bad parts. Even if you want to go to a tropical paradise like Hawaii or the Bahamas, you probably have to get on a plane and go through TSA—unless you have money to take a private jet. In that case, can we be friends?

No matter how great something is, you have to accept the bad. I am launching my new website in about a month. This is the second leg of my career as a speaker and writer. I don’t want to make the same mistakes of not paying attention to everything my business needs.

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