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Andrew was a lawyer in his early 30s. He just went partner in his law firm and had spent his 20s in law school and working his way up in his firm. He came from a big Italian family and was ready to settle down. It seemed that he was at a friend’s wedding or a bachelor party almost every other weekend. It was time for him to settle down.

Lesson: Andrew identified exactly what he wanted.

One Friday night in the middle of summer, his friend called him up and said a group of guys were going to a bar downtown. Having a hard week, he waffled about it and wondered if he should go out. After a few texts back and forth, he decided to go. Even though he loves his friends, a primary reason that he went was to meet and flirt with women even though he particularly did not like meeting them at a bar.

Lesson: Andrew knew that in order to fulfill his goals he had to get out there.

He met up with friends around nine for a late dinner. Most of his friends he knew for over 10 years. Some of them from law school, some from undergrad. Most of his friends were married and had kids. He admired his friend Jimmy, who married his high school sweetheart. He liked the way that Jimmy would always answer her calls, even if they were in the middle of an argument about who’s better Kobe or LeBron. Even though Andrew and the rest of the guys would give Jimmy crap about this fact, Andrew loved that about him.

Lesson: Andrew paid attention to what he liked and what he didn’t like.

Lesson: He hung out with and looked up to Jimmy even though he was on the wrong side of the Kobe-LeBron argument.

Later that night, they were all hanging out at a swanky downtown nightclub. All the guys were talking in the corner. Andrew decided that he needed to make the rounds. His friend Scott, who was also single, offered to be his wingman.

Lesson: Even though Andrew was there primarily to hang out with his buddies, he wanted to have a chance to check things out.

The whole night, Andrew and Scott kept one eye on the bar while they were talking to their buddies. All of a sudden, Jimmy received a text and promptly excused himself saying, Well boys, it’s time to go home. While everybody was giving him crap, Andrew could not wait to one day get that text.

Andrew and Scott were talking to two beautiful women and Andrew liked one of them named Karen. He bought her a drink and got her phone number. Fifteen minutes after they met, she had to leave with her group of girlfriends. The rest of the guys were giving him crap for not paying attention to them. He texted her, Have a safe night. Talk to you soon. She texted him back a smiley face, which put a stupid grin on his face, for which the rest of the guys, especially Scott, gave him a hard time for.

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